Sökmotoroptimering is a word that has directly translated into Swedish from English search engine optimization, often abbreviated as SEO. The whole thing with search engine optimization is about getting a specific web page to appear as high as possible on specific keywords and phrases. Usually on Google , Bing , Yahoo, Alta Vista or any of the other heavyweights of the genre. How good am I in this?

What is SEO?

The entire SEO industry has arisen because of the needs that were created in and with the aforementioned search engines’ very existence. Several studies show that virtually all Internet users searching and browsing through the search engines. Google, which is by far the most popular search engine, has come to stay and rule our lives more than we think.

To explain what SEO is we borrow some wise words of Sweden’s SEO guru Jim Westergren: ”The two main components of SEO is to make its website more relevant with optimization and more popular with the help of links.” A better explanation may you actually have to look far behind.
Why SEO?

Recent studies show that 86 percent of the population in Sweden are browsing the Internet an average of two hours each day. The figures are adjusted upwards all the time. IT revolution has completely transformed our lives. Nowadays it is increasingly common in a family that all families have their own computer. The ability to surf the mobile broadband also attracts more and more daring leap into the network.

Usually, about 80 percent of all visitors you will ever have on your page from Google. The only question is whether it is 80 percent of the 100 visitors, or 80 percent of the 100 000 visitors. The difference between the world of. Right?

If your website appears on the right keyword phrases in the answer list on Google, it means a huge difference compared to if you do not. If perchance you are not there now, you need search engine optimization.

To be seen or not with their website on Google is much like the vildvittrorna in Ronja scream when they hunt Ronja into the lake: ”Out of sight, does not exist”. Appears you are not on Google, Yahoo and other search engines so you are not. Then you get no visitors to the website and can not get your message across. Then your site nothing but a blank shot in the dark.

Effective search engine optimization

The most effective way to search engine optimize their website for example, Google is simply taking the help of a professional SEO firm. Which contains all the knowledge and experience together and you can therefore safely rely on  professional assistance and guidance so you have the opportunity to achieve top rankings on Google. The costs are quite expensive to hire SEO professionals, but what does it do when you can very soon look out from the search engine first place and the icing on the cake begin to count the visitors on your own website in increasing influx. In this way, you pretty soon they invested money back many times over. Please check out my own results here!

Tips for effective SEO

Want five quick tips for effective search engine optimization ? I knew it. Join us as we drive the iron:

1) Go for the content. Grease with information and the right keywords are essential in all aspects of SEO to do.
2) Working Smart with graphics and links. When you publish your content, make it anywhere in plain text. Fabric is not into it you want to say in images and graphic elements.
3) Choose a good title. The title of your page is important. If you choose it with care it can make a big difference. Titles such as ”Free advice when choosing children’s toys”, or ”Contact a specialist in children’s toys today” is good and gives probably the highest ranking. Title space is the most important place to put keywords, so make sure you include them there.
4) Update regularly. You need to update the content on your website at regular intervals in order to achieve great results. Note that even minor changes listed in search engines.
5) Get involved in the development. By keeping you updated on the latest in SEO are you always one step ahead and take advantage of this.

Search engine optimization will increase your sales

Sponsored search results has a value in excess of 37.7 million per day and the value of that seen on the front pages of organic search engine result lists is expected to exceed this amount by far.

In the old days you had to advertise in the local newspaper’s hard-copy version to appear in marketing, attracting customers, and thereby increase their turnover. The magazine was basically the only advertising channel that was available to reach only their subscriber base.

If you then play with the idea that search engine optimization actually helps an entrepreneur to be seen on the web to the whole world will understand anyone that no company can survive in the long run, without search engine optimization. SEO is a very effective means to increase their turnover in an almost exponentially manner.

Relevant visits with search engine optimization

Sökmotoroptimering With the help of methodical and professionally executed search engine optimization will increase the number of visitors to their website significantly in number, that there can be no doubt. All experience and all reports indicate that it is.

But the important thing in the Crow’s song is probably still does not attract 100 000 visitors in general to himself, without being able to get relevant hits on its website. The value of each visit is as familiar in its relevance to you and the visitor. Relevant visits being done also with the help of search engine optimization that is performed correctly.

The bottom line is thus that the search engine is a completely irreplaceable tool to get noticed in a world increasingly driven by the Internet. Without SEO you are not visible on Google – and then there’s also no.

Free Search Engine Optimization

Can you do SEO to a website for free? Yes absolutely! All information is online and it is accessible to all. Expect, however, with a long and fairly steep learning curve. Free Search Engine Optimization is perhaps utopian, the time it takes to become proficient in this alone is likely to exceed the investment cost to hire a pro. But it’s all about interest and how to value their time of course:)

Best method for free SEO!

Think of how a search engine works. Those who seek out an issue that they want a really good answer. So be sure to create really good answer! That is the whole secret of the search engines and the best approach for Free Search Engine Optimization. Is your site a really good answers to your most important keyword phrases, or the answer may be better? If your search phrase ”romantic weekend” is the question you have your website be a good and clear answer to it with all that implies. Titles, META description, headings, images and text on the page will provide detailed information to the applicant. Are competitive keyword, your page also have inbound links with ”romantic weekend” as the link text in order to compete on the search engine response lists.

Search Engine Optimization Tips

Are you really interested in SEO, there are many good sources of interesting information. The best Swedish source of search engine-related information is the SEO forums . Lots of reading and good beginner’s guides. Become a member there and read properly:) miscellaneous thoughts about Search optimization.

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